Chapter 8. Statistics

Table of Contents

8.1. Introduction
8.2. The “Summary” Window
8.3. The “Protocol Hierarchy” Window
8.4. Conversations
8.4.1. The “Conversations” Window
8.5. Endpoints
8.5.1. The “Endpoints” Window
8.6. The “IO Graphs” Window
8.7. Service Response Time
8.7.1. The “Service Response Time DCE-RPC” Window
8.8. Compare Two Capture Files
8.9. TCP Stream Graphs
8.10. WLAN Traffic Statistics
8.11. Other Protocol-specific Statistics Windows

8.1. Introduction

Wireshark provides a wide range of network statistics which can be accessed via the Statistics menu.

These statistics range from general information about the loaded capture file (like the number of captured packets), to statistics about specific protocols (e.g. statistics about the number of HTTP requests and responses captured).

  • General statistics:

    • Summary about the capture file.
    • Protocol Hierarchy of the captured packets.
    • Conversations e.g. traffic between specific IP addresses.
    • Endpoints e.g. traffic to and from an IP addresses.
    • IO Graphs visualizing the number of packets (or similar) in time.
  • Protocol specific statistics:

    • Service Response Time between request and response of some protocols.
    • Various other protocol specific statistics.

The protocol specific statistics require detailed knowledge about the specific protocol. Unless you are familiar with that protocol, statistics about it will be pretty hard to understand.