8.9. Service Response Time

The service response time is the time between a request and the corresponding response. This information is available for many protocols, including the following:

As an example, the SMB2 service response time is described below in more detail. The other Service Response Time windows will show statistics specific to their respective protocols, but will offer the same menu options.

8.9.1. The “SMB2 Service Response Time Statistics” Window

This window shows the number of transactions for each SMB2 opcode present in the capture file along with various response time statistics. Right-clicking on a row will let you apply or prepare filters for, search for, or colorize a specific opcode. You can also copy all of the response time information or save it in a variety of formats.

Figure 8.8. The “SMB2 Service Response Time Statistics” window

ws stats srt smb2

You can optionally apply a display filter in order to limit the statistics to a specific set of packets.

The main dialog buttons along the bottom let you do the following:

The Copy button will copy the response time information as text.

Save As…​ will save the response time information in various formats.

Close will close this dialog.