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Wireshark-users: Re: [Wireshark-users] Portable Wireshark Settings

From: "Misc" <misc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 01:13:17 +0000 (UTC)
Ulf Lamping wrote:

>No, at least I'm talking about existing U3 Wireshark package here.
>Where did you found the word "portable"?

OK, but we ARE talking about U3 package, not the standard distro.

>> Or at least it's "supposed" to be portable, and being advertized as
>> designed for USB sticks.
>It's been designed for U3 USB sticks - therefore the name - not for 
>common *none U3* sticks.

I've worked a lot with portable software, and usually if it works on
one type of usb drive, it works on all usb drives. I've never seen a
program designed to work only on U3 USB drives, but not regular USB
drives. I mean this is first such case that I've encountered.

>> That's the package that I've been struggling with. This "portable"
>> Wireshark couldn't find its preferences in its own folder and
>>needed to  be pointed to its own app folder with command line args
>It's perfectly working with U3 USB Sticks AFAIK.

I hear you.

>Go Google yourself for U3 before firing any more of those uninformed 
>mails to the list ...

My knowledge of U3 is indeed superficial. In fact, I learned enough
about them to know that I prefer to use regular USB drives rather than
U3. And since I don't really plan on using U3, I'm somewhat relactant
to really research them in depth. But I apologize if my posts showed
lack of knowledge of U3.

>P.S: I guess your demanding tone and uninformed mails won't encourage 
>any of the developers to spend some of their own spare time to
>improve the situation here (at least I won't do) ...
>Wireshark-users mailing list

Sorry, I didn't know you were a developer (till you mentioned that it's
you who put in the -P switch which I only saw after my post). I'm new
to this list, and your signiture doesn't mention that you're a
developer. Sometimes users critisize software between themselves just
to get a better understanding of its limitations and weaknesses. Take
it easy. I love Wireshark, and I'm using U3 package after all :)

If developers refused to develop software because somebody was critical
of their work, we probably wouldn't have any software development at
all :)

Besides I didn't critisize your -P switch :) (oh, well, except for the
fact that it doesn't accept the relative paths ;o) ...)