Chapter 5. File Input, Output, and Printing

Table of Contents

5.1. Introduction
5.2. Open capture files
5.2.1. The “Open Capture File” dialog box
5.2.2. Input File Formats
5.3. Saving captured packets
5.3.1. The “Save Capture File As” dialog box
5.3.2. Output File Formats
5.4. Merging capture files
5.4.1. The “Merge with Capture File” dialog box
5.5. Import hex dump
5.5.1. The “Import from Hex Dump” dialog box
5.6. File Sets
5.6.1. The “List Files” dialog box
5.7. Exporting data
5.7.1. The “Export as Plain Text File” dialog box
5.7.2. The “Export as PostScript File” dialog box
5.7.3. The “Export as CSV (Comma Separated Values) File” dialog box
5.7.4. The “Export as C Arrays (packet bytes) file” dialog box
5.7.5. The “Export as PSML File” dialog box
5.7.6. The “Export as PDML File” dialog box
5.7.7. The “Export selected packet bytes” dialog box
5.7.8. The “Export Objects” dialog box
5.8. Printing packets
5.8.1. The “Print” dialog box
5.9. The “Packet Range” frame
5.10. The Packet Format frame

5.1. Introduction

This chapter will describe input and output of capture data.

  • Open capture files in various capture file formats
  • Save/Export capture files in various capture file formats
  • Merge capture files together
  • Import text files containing hex dumps of packets
  • Print packets