5.9. The “Packet Range” Frame

The packet range frame is a part of the “Export Specified Packets,” “Export Packet Dissections,” and “Print” dialog boxes. You can use it to specify which packets will be exported or printed.

Figure 5.17. The “Packet Range” frame

ws packet range

By default, the Displayed button is set, which only exports or prints the packets that match the current display filter. Selecting Captured will export or print all packets. You can further limit what you export or print to the following:

All packets
All captured or displayed packets depending on the primary selection above.
Selected packet
Only the selected packet.
Marked packets
Only marked packets. See Section 6.10, “Marking Packets”.
First to last marked
Lets you mark an inclusive range of packets.
Lets you manually specify a range of packets, e.g., 5,10-15,20- will process the packet number five, the packets from packet number ten to fifteen (inclusive) and every packet from number twenty to the end of the capture.
Remove ignored packets
Don’t export or print ignored packets. See Section 6.11, “Ignoring Packets”.