4.11. While a Capture is running …​

You might see the following dialog box while a capture is running:

Figure 4.9. The “Capture Information” dialog box

ws capture info

This dialog box shows a list of protocols and their activity over time. It can be enabled via the “capture.show_info” setting in the “Advanced” preferences.

4.11.1. Stop the running capture

A running capture session will be stopped in one of the following ways:

  1. The Stop Capture button in the “Capture Information” dialog box.
  2. The CaptureStop menu item.
  3. The Stop toolbar button.
  4. Pressing Ctrl+E.
  5. The capture will be automatically stopped if one of the Stop Conditions is met, e.g., the maximum amount of data was captured.

4.11.2. Restart a running capture

A running capture session can be restarted with the same capture options as the last time, this will remove all packets previously captured. This can be useful, if some uninteresting packets are captured and there’s no need to keep them.

Restart is a convenience function and equivalent to a capture stop following by an immediate capture start. A restart can be triggered in one of the following ways:

  1. Using the CaptureRestart menu item.
  2. Using the Restart toolbar button.