Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] SSL + DTLS

From: "ronnie sahlberg" <ronniesahlberg@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 08:57:17 +0000
it would just mean that dtls decryption would not work out of the box
for win32 users since we can not ship win32 versions of ethereal
linked with openssl.

no drama.   if there is enough interest in the feature someone will
implement the required gnutls magic if you dont have time.    if not
it just mean there is no interest.

i have associates that need the ssl decryption feature now so dont
worry about ssl.    ill do the updates required to ssl.
(beware     preference breaking update/change estimated to go in in 10 minutes)

please ty to follow the ssl changes i do to svn for your dtls code.

On 6/29/06, authesserre samuel <sauthess@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

it isn't compatible  at all(bsd licence), and i have already posted on
gnutls mailing list to propose a dtls implementation.
in a first time i think it could be a good idea to have an
implementation that work correctly and in a second time another to
test interoperability
I have only one month to consacrate to project i don't think that i
could make gnutls implementation in this time....(i will do all i can
because i would like a gpl'ed implementation)
gnutls have the advantage that it implement TLS 1.1 but in other side
it have to change a lot of things for UDP adaptation

I will try to finish openssl implem and in a second time i will look
at gnutls (if you are ready to help me  ;) )



On 6/28/06, Joerg Mayer <jmayer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 28, 2006 at 11:31:28AM +0200, authesserre samuel wrote:
> > but dtls work on openssl version 0.9.b who contains many errors (I
> > have listed them on openssl-dev mailing list and correct 2 of them)
> > but in current time i havent time to finish implementation of dtls
> > (i'll try to correct it during july and dtls dissector in the same
> > time)
> Would it be feasible to use another lib than openssl (gnutls + gcrypt)
> instead? I'm still not really convinced that the way we provide openssl
> is really compatible with gpl (and especially distros enabling it).
>  Ciao
>       Joerg
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