Ethereal-dev: RE: [Ethereal-dev] Two further issues in 0.10.5

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From: "Stuart MacDonald" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 09:51:06 -0400
From: [email protected] On Behalf Of Ulf Lamping
> Ian Schorr wrote:
> > I disagree, I'd very much like to see the "standard" 
> behavior back.  
> > The way it works now, windows are created in "unpredictable", 
> > unintuitive, and usually obscured places.  It definitely doesn't 
> > reduce the amount of "mouse travelling" I do, particularly since 
> > nearly always forces me to reposition my windows to bring them back 
> > on-screen, move them to the screen I want (if I'm using 
> dual-screens), 
> > move them to a "standard" position, etc.
> >
> Well, in the meantime, I have doubts myself that the "where the mouse 
> is" behvaiour is really the best.
> I think we should put it back to the behaviour we have before.
> I will do this in the evening, if I have some time.

After a couple of weeks of the new behaviour, I agree. I usually use
the keyboard, but now often have to also use the mouse to bring the
windows back onto the screen or reposition them. The times I am using
the mouse exclusively, it doesn't reduce the amount of travel in a
significant way.