2.5. Building Wireshark from source under UNIX

Building Wireshark requires the proper build environment including a compiler and many supporting libraries. See the Developer’s Guide at https://www.wireshark.org/docs/ for more information.

Use the following general steps to build Wireshark from source under UNIX or Linux:

  1. Unpack the source from its compressed tar file. If you are using Linux or your version of UNIX uses GNU tar you can use the following command:

    $ tar xaf wireshark-2.4.5.tar.xz

    In other cases you will have to use the following commands:

    $ xz -d wireshark-2.4.5.tar.xz
    $ tar xf wireshark-2.4.5.tar
  2. Change directory to the Wireshark source directory.

    $ cd wireshark-2.4.5
  3. Configure your source so it will build correctly for your version of UNIX. You can do this with the following command:

    $ ./configure

    If this step fails you will have to rectify the problems and rerun configure. Troubleshooting hints are provided in Section 2.7, “Troubleshooting during the install on Unix”.

  4. Build the sources.

    $ make
  5. Install the software in its final destination.

    $ make install

Once you have installed Wireshark with make install above, you should be able to run it by entering wireshark.