Chapter 5. Library Reference

Table of Contents

5.1. Introduction
5.2. Binary Library Formats
5.3. Windows Automated Library Download
5.4. Qt
5.5. GLib And Supporting Libraries
5.6. c-ares
5.7. SMI (Optional)
5.8. zlib (Optional)
5.9. libpcap or Npcap (Optional, But Strongly Recommended)
5.10. GnuTLS (Optional)
5.11. Gcrypt
5.12. Kerberos (Optional)
5.13. LUA (Optional)
5.14. MaxMindDB (Optional)
5.15. WinSparkle (Optional)

5.1. Introduction

Several libraries are needed to build and run Wireshark. Most of them are split into three packages:

  1. Runtime. System and third party libraries such as vcruntime140.dll and libglib-2.0-0.dll.
  2. Developer. Documentation, header files, import libraries, and other files needed for compilation.
  3. Source. Library sources, which are usually not required to build Wireshark.
[Tip]Our libraries are freely available

All libraries required to build Wireshark on Windows are available for download at and See Section 5.3, “Windows Automated Library Download” for an easier way to install them.