Chapter 2. Quick Setup

Table of Contents

2.1. UNIX: Installation
2.2. Win32/64: Step-by-Step Guide
2.2.1. Recommended: Install Chocolatey
2.2.2. Install Microsoft C compiler and SDK
2.2.3. Install Qt
2.2.4. Install Python
2.2.5. Install Perl
2.2.6. Install Git
2.2.7. Install CMake
2.2.8. Install Asciidoctor, Xsltproc, And DocBook
2.2.9. Install winflexbison
2.2.10. Install and Prepare Sources
2.2.11. Open a Visual Studio Command Prompt
2.2.12. Generate the build files
2.2.13. Build Wireshark
2.2.14. Debug Environment Setup
2.2.15. Optional: Create User’s and Developer’s Guide
2.2.16. Optional: Create a Wireshark Installer

2.1. UNIX: Installation

All the tools required are usually installed on a UNIX developer machine.

If a tool is not already installed on your system, you can usually install it using the package in your distribution: aptitude, yum, Synaptic, etc.

If an install package is not available or you have a reason not to use it (maybe because it’s simply too old), you can install that tool from source code. The following sections will provide you with the webpage addresses where you can get these sources.