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Wireshark 1.6.6 Release Notes

What is Wireshark?

Wireshark is the world's most popular network protocol analyzer. It is used for troubleshooting, analysis, development and education.

What's New

Bug Fixes

The following vulnerabilities have been fixed.

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • ISO SSAP: ActivityStart: Invalid decoding the activity parameter as a BER Integer. (Bug 2873)

  • Forward slashes in URI need to be converted to backslashes if WIN32. (Bug 5237)

  • Character echo pauses in Capture Filter field in Capture Options. (Bug 5356)

  • Some PGM options are not parsed correctly. (Bug 5687)

  • dumpcap crashes when capturing from pipe to a pcap-ng file (e.g., when passing data from CACE Pilot to Wireshark). (Bug 5939)

  • Unable to rearrange columns in preferences on Windows. (Bug 6077) (Note: this bug still affects the 64-bit package)

  • No error for UDP/IPv6 packet with zero checksum. (Bug 6232)

  • Wireshark installer doesn't add access_bpf in 10.5.8. (Bug 6526)

  • Corrupted Diameter dictionary file that crashes Wireshark. (Bug 6664)

  • packetBB dissector bug: More than 1000000 items in the tree -- possible infinite loop. (Bug 6687)

  • ZEP dissector: Timestamp not always displayed correctly. Fractional seconds never displayed. (Bug 6703)

  • GOOSE Messages don't use the length field to perform the dissection. (Bug 6734)

  • Ethernet traces in K12 text format sometimes give bogus "malformed frame" errors and other problems. (Bug 6735)

  • max_ul_ext isn't printed/decoded to the packet details log in GTP protocol packet. (Bug 6761)

  • non-IPP packets to or from port 631 are dissected as IPP. (Bug 6765)

  • lua proto registration fails for uppercase proto / g_ascii_strdown problem. (Bug 6766)

  • no menu item Fle->Export->SSL Session Keys in GTK. (Bug 6813)

  • IAX2 dissector reads past end of packet for unknown IEs. (Bug 6815)

  • TShark 1.6.5 immediately crashes on SSL decryption (every time). (Bug 6817)

  • USB: unknown GET DESCRIPTOR response triggers assert failure. (Bug 6826)

  • IEEE1588 PTPv2 over IPv6. (Bug 6836)

  • Patch to fix DTLS decryption. (Bug 6847)

  • Expression... dialog crash. (Bug 6891)

  • display filter "gtp.msisdn" not working. (Bug 6947)

  • Multiprotocol Label Switching Echo - Return Code: Reserved (5). (Bug 6951)

  • ISAKMP : VendorID CheckPoint : Malformed Packet. (Bug 6972)

  • Adding a Custom HTTP Header Field with a trailing colon causes wireshark to immediately crash (and crash upon restart). (Bug 6982)

  • Radiotap dissector lists a bogus "DBM TX Attenuation" bit. (Bug 7000)

  • MySQL dissector assertion. (Ask 8649)

  • Radiotap header format data rate alignment issues. (Ask 8649)

New and Updated Features

There are no new features in this release.

New Protocol Support

There are no new protocols in this release.

Updated Protocol Support


New and Updated Capture File Support

Endace ERF, Pcap-NG, Tektronix K12

Getting Wireshark

Wireshark source code and installation packages are available from

Vendor-supplied Packages

Most Linux and Unix vendors supply their own Wireshark packages. You can usually install or upgrade Wireshark using the package management system specific to that platform. A list of third-party packages can be found on the download page on the Wireshark web site.

File Locations

Wireshark and TShark look in several different locations for preference files, plugins, SNMP MIBS, and RADIUS dictionaries. These locations vary from platform to platform. You can use About→Folders to find the default locations on your system.

Known Problems

Wireshark might make your system disassociate from a wireless network on OS X 10.4. (Bug 1315)

Dumpcap might not quit if Wireshark or TShark crashes. (Bug 1419)

The BER dissector might infinitely loop. (Bug 1516)

Capture filters aren't applied when capturing from named pipes. (Bug 1814)

Filtering tshark captures with display filters (-R) no longer works. (Bug 2234)

The 64-bit Windows installer does not ship with libsmi. (Win64 development page)

Application crash when changing real-time option. (Bug 4035)

Hex pane display issue after startup. (Bug 4056)

Packet list rows are oversized. (Bug 4357)

Summary pane selected frame highlighting not maintained. (Bug 4445)

Wireshark and TShark will display incorrect delta times when displayed as a custom column. (Bug 4985)

Getting Help

Community support is available on Wireshark's Q&A site and on the wireshark-users mailing list. Subscription information and archives for all of Wireshark's mailing lists can be found on the web site.

Training is available from Wireshark University.

Frequently Asked Questions

A complete FAQ is available on the Wireshark web site.