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Wireshark-users: Re: [Wireshark-users] Configuration Profiles

From: "Burns, Kevin" <Kevin_Burns@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2010 17:36:59 +0000
I think I figured it out. 

The problem is when you insert an unnamed column into the preferences. I was putting an unnamed column at the end of my custom ones to prevent the last custom values from being right justified. Apparently an unnamed column like below causes some sort of corruption of the preference file where it won't load the column preferences anymore. You just have to name all columns to something.

######## User Interface: Columns ########

# Packet list hidden columns.
# List all columns to hide in the packet list.

# Packet list column format.
# Each pair of strings consists of a column title and its format.
	"No.", "%m",
	"Time", "%t",
	"Source", "%s",
	"Destination", "%d",
	"Protocol", "%p",
	"Info", "%i",
	"tcp.seq", "%m",
	"tcp.ack", "%m",
	"", "%m"

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Burns, Kevin <Kevin_Burns@...> writes:

> Having a weird problem getting the Configuration Profiles to
> work correctly ? 
> I create a new profile and then add some custom columns to
> the summary window. Then I close the capture file and then open it back up to
> verify the custom decode columns are there. But if I choose a new profile to
> view a capture in and then close that capture file. I then choose the new
> profile I created but when I open up a packet capture the custom decode columns
> are gone. 
> What gives ??   

Maybe you could provide a little more information about your particular setup? 
What version of Wireshark are you using?  Custom-compiled or off the shelf? 
What OS are you running it on?  Which columns specifically are you attempting to
add?  What other columns are present?  Perhaps it's data-dependent.  Do you have
a small capture file that you can post that exhibits this problem?  Perhaps it's
a corrupt preference file in one of the profiles.  Maybe you could post your
preference files?

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