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Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] Core dev talk at SharkFest?

From: Thomas Baudelet <thomas.baudelet@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2016 12:06:29 +0100
Hi devs,

Since I've attended SharkFest15, I've discovered a small part of the work that you do behind the scenes, thanks to some (core) devs, and specially Alexis La Goutte with whom I'm in touch for some WLAN features.

I unfortunately don't have the ability to code into Wireshark and can't help you on that point, but I think all your work, synchronization, code reviews, email exchanges, roadmaps should be highlighted, and is there any better place than SharkFest for that?

There are a lot of talks at SharkFest about how to use Wireshark, how to analyze packet captures, but I think a "behind the scenes" talk have definitely a place there at SharkFest US and EU.

What do you think about it?