Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] Wishlist? (items related to VoIP graph analysis)
From: "Antoine Reid" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 17:08:16 -0400
Hi everyone.

I stumbled upon the WishList page on the wiki which suggests posting
ideas on this list instead of simply editing the wiki.

I just subscribed to this list so apologies if these ideas have been
suggested before and rejected.  I looked through the page on the wiki
and didn't see anything similar.

I am currently using the 0.99.6a (SVN Rev 22276) binary on win32.  I
haven't checked the behavior on Linux but I suspect it'll be exactly
the same.

So, here are my humble suggestions,

1- When viewing a dump and hitting the "Statistics/VoIP Calls" menu choice:

   1a- In the window that pops up, display the filename if available
(this is useful when you have multiple instances of Wireshark running,
each displaying a different capture)

   1b- In that same window that pops up, let the user use the Ctrl or
Shift keys to select multiple calls or a range of calls.  Even better,
offer a shortcut such as Ctrl-A to select all messages.

   1c- Once you hit the "Graph" button, display the capture name in
the "Graph Analysis" window, just like 1a.

2- Maybe have a new item in the Statistics menu that would be "Graph
all VoIP calls" that would automatically find all calls, select all
and open a Graph Analysis window right away.  This would be a time
saver when it is the main operation that you always repeat. Especially
if you have 20 or 50 calls in the capture..

This graph analysis is a very powerful feature.  I saw in the wishlist
that some people wanted it for other types of flows than SIP.  I also
think it would be a great tool (although I would have no immediate use
for it)

That is all for now :)
What do people think?


Antoine Reid