Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] gsmmap asn1 directory
From: Florent Drouin <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 11:44:06 +0200

Thanks again for the corrections.
You said the gsm_sms dissector is called to decode the SM-RP-UI on your build for mo-ForwardSM.
But is is only because the ForwardSM message is displayed as mo-ForwardSM.

In the gsmmap.cnf, the call to the sms dissector is not added for MO-ForwardSM-Arg and MT-ForwardSM-Arg
You have just the call for ForwardSM-Arg

Extract of gsmmap.cnf.
#.FN_BODY ForwardSM-Arg

   /* dissect_gsm_map_SignalInfo will return parameter_tvb in actx */

   if (!actx->value_ptr)
       return offset;
dissector_try_port(sms_dissector_table, 0, actx->value_ptr, actx->pinfo, top_tree);


Anders Broman wrote:
- update the Unix Makefile to use gsmmap.cnf and not gsm_map.cnf.
 - the Facility is not bellow the facility itself, but at the end of the
tree. It's not a problem, but it looks strange...

I don't see the problem with " problems of decoding for sm-RP-UI"
The gsm_sms dissector is called on my build...

I'll look at the other stuff later.

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