Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] gsmmap asn1 directory
From: "Anders Broman (AL/EAB)" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 18:31:58 +0200
Florent Drouin Wrote:
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>    Hi,
>Thank's again for the correction.
>I do not see the warning anymore, but the display of the Facility is
not bellow the facility itself, but at the end of >the tree.
>It's not a problem, but it looks strange..

I'll change it back to the  way it was...

>I found an other problem with a recent correction of the "Forward SM" 
>The message for MAP v2, has not the same name as for MAP v3 (a bug was
opened for this).
>With the new ASN1 file, we should not use the old definition
"gsm_old_GSMMAPOperationLocalvalue_vals", but the new one, >else the
correction is lost, and we see mo-forwardSM instead of forwardSM  as
message name.
>const gchar* gsm_map_opr_code(guint32 val) {
>  switch (val) {
>  case 44: /*mt-forwardSM*/
>  case 46: /*mo-forwardSM*/
>    if (application_context_version == 3) {
>      return val_to_str(val, gsm_map_V3_opr_code_strings, "Unknown
GSM-MAP (%u)");
>    }
>    /* Else use the default map operation translation */
>  default:
>    return val_to_str(val, *gsm_map_opr_code_strings*, "Unknown GSM-MAP
opcode (%u)");
>    break;
>  }
> >>
The "problem" is that gsm_map_opr_code_strings does not contain all the
opcode values
"gsm_old_GSMMAPOperationLocalvalue_vals" is created from dummy asn1 code
which holds all opcodes
Perhaps the code can be reversed to show "old" values in case of Version
<3 I'd also like to get rid
Of gsm_map_opr_code_strings as it's a subset of
Hopfully we'll be able to auto generate the value_string from asn2wrs

>In the attached sample of forwardSM, you can see the Forward-SM, and
two additional problems of decoding for  "SMS 
>Deliver Report". These problems of decoding for sm-RP-UI are not new,
because there are related to the packet-gsm_sms.c >module.
>What is new, with the new ASN1 file, is that the sm-RP-UI is not
decoded for the mo/mt-forwardSM.
>I think the gsmmap.cnf should be updated to call the sms dissector, as
it is done for ForwardSM.

I'll look into it.

>And at least :-), could you update the Unix Makefile to use gsmmap.cnf
and not gsm_map.cnf.
Will do, something whent astray when moving over to the new asn1

Anders Broman wrote:
> Hi,
> I Believe I fixed all exept:
>> - and one with a Facility with Forward CUG info. For this problem, 
>> this is only a display problem, as the information is correctly 
>> decoded, but a Warning is displayed at the end of the decoding.
> I see no warning :(
> Regards
> Anders