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Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2006 17:34:05 +0100

If I understand correctly, you want to build a program that is capable of sending a session-id cookie that is assigned after you log in to a site. Why don't you use the program to log in for you as well and parse the http-response to fetch the session-cookie? Seems more logical to me than fetching the cookie from the wire...


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I am trying to capture HTTP data from Visual C# express 2005. I'm
after the PHPSESSID that transit through cookies in web requests but
which is not stored locally on the client side file cookie.

The scenario is this one:
- i visit a website (which uses php sessions)
- i capture the phpsessid with wireshark
- i inject it from a textbox in my program's web requests
- my program can now simulate me using the website

What I want to do is to automatize the phpsessid retrieval without
starting the wireshark graphic user interface..... using the libs I

The problem is that I've been unsuccessfull about calling wireshark
(winpcap,...) libs (would be easier if DLL instead of LIB i guess)
because i'm unable to compile the libs on visual c++ 2005.

I already have the book about Network Programming but the provided
code simply doesn't work in C# 2005 (even tried in 2003, same result).

Any idea?
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