Wireshark-users: Re: [Wireshark-users] known problem? OSX and the "Utilities"-Folder...
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 16:10:49 +0200
Am 08.08.2009 um 21:00 schrieb Guy Harris:

On Aug 7, 2009, at 8:59 AM, [email protected] wrote:

First, for the non-OSX User:
If you want to install an application in OSX, you only have to drag
the binary file into your "Application"-folder - thats all..
But installing wireshark with this technique could get you in some
The problem is that there is a folder in the .dmg installation package
named "utilities".
If you drag this folder into your "applications"-folder you are
overwriting an existing system-folder which is also named  

You're not supposed to do that.  The Read me first file says:

1. Drag the Wireshark icon onto to the Applications alias.
2. Open the Utilities folder.
3. Drag the contents of the Command Line folder to $HOME/bin, /usr/
local/bin, /opt/wireshark/bin or any other location that makes sense  
(preferably one that's in your PATH).
4. You will probably need to adjust the permissions of /dev/bpf* in  
order to capture. You can do this by hand or by dragging the ChmodBPF  
folder onto the StartupItems alias.

Oh boy, than it was absolutely my fault ;) Next time i will read the readme file first!

However, perhaps we should rename the Utilities folder to some other  

think so too!

Now i have to do a new OSX Install to get my "Utilities" folder  
back :(

There isn't a copy of the old Utilities folder in the Trash?

nope, because it´s overwritten. But i´ve copied the folder from an friend´s macbook. Now everything works fine.

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