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From: Becky Vict <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 07:17:44 -0700 (PDT)
Which particular registry I should change? I thought with Windows, I can't tweak the initial window parameter.  I wouldn't say my server performs poorly but I like to see what will happen if the window increases till it match the receiver window.  The server is on high bandwidth DSL connection and the client is on dial up connection.  Will increasing the initial window causes sort of a backfire to the constant nice flow with just 3 segments send window?

Appreciate your help.


[email protected] wrote:
This is normal Windows behavior. There are registry changes you can make
to coax it into using larger bursts, but you'll have to set it on all
windows machines connecting to this server. Are you trying to fix a
problem like poor performance?

Randy Grein
Network Engineer

Becky Vict
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09/26/2007 07:33 AM
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[Wireshark-users] Initial Window Question

Hi everyone,

I'm using Windows XP Pro on my server and according to the documentation
the Initial Window size is set to 2 segments. Sure enough Wireshark shows
this clearly. However one thing that bugs me, it increments to 3 segments
and does not grow anymore beyond that. Total bytes are 4096 for these 3
segments and the client receive window is 17kB. Anyone has any idea why
the window does not grow?

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