Wireshark-users: Re: [Wireshark-users] capturing msn web cam traffic with wireshark.
From: "Wonkyun*^^* Lee" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 10:43:12 +0900
> I am trying to capture traffic using Msn messenger, espec. with web
> cam.

You're trying to capture traffic with a webcam?  You mean by, for
example, pointing a webcam at the screen while Wireshark is doing a
live traffic capture, to display what Wireshark is showing? :-)

Or do you mean you're trying to capture network traffic being put onto
the network by a webcam?

What I meant was, I want to capture traffic during 'WebCam/Video conversation', ie when i have video-convesation w/ my friend or someone. using msn messnger webcam feature.
there is equipment that we are trying to release in public, which allows to 
have video conversation, it's something like video-telephone.
when i use this equipment, and wireshark, i can capture traffic with a 
protocol ; H.263. and..G.722 , etc.
and it also tells me about their video type(qcif, cif ...), codec, and 
bit-rate, picture type, etc....
but i cannot capture any of these things with msn messenger video 
conversation, is it b/c it's encrypted?
all i see was just 'udp' protocol saying nothing..

is there anyway that i can see and analyze these things?

I want to see their picture coding type(i-frame, p-frame), time for receiving each frame so i can calculate their frame rates, and so on...
I also tryed with SKYPE, but i know that it uses their own codec, so there 
is no way to capture video frames, and analyze them.
but as far as i know, msn messnger uses standard codec, so it can co-work 
with other messngers like yahoo or AOL..
I don't know whether you understand what i am trying to say, but i hope so..

cheers.. need help here..
plz tell me about other tools or some kind of dissectos that allow me to do these things..
> Is there any way that i can capture video codec, or video traffic?
> some kind of frame rate or something..
> I also tried with Skype, but i cannot find the way to do it..

You can capture *any* sort of network traffic with Wireshark.

Whether Wireshark can *dissect* that traffic, and show it as anything
other than raw hex data, is another matter.

And, even if it can dissect it, it won't display it as video.
Wireshark's a network analyzer, not a video player, although some
dissectors might support saving the contents of a video stream within
a capture in some video format, just as it can save some VoIP traffic
in an audio format.

What *exactly* is it you're trying to do here?
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