Wireshark-users: Re: [Wireshark-users] Ping Replys without Request

From: "STEINECKE Michael SD-G (AREVA NP GmbH)" <Michael.Steinecke@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 17:04:56 +0200
> Well, to quote Ulf Lamping's reply to your previous message 
> (you *are* subscribed to the wireshark-users list, so that 
> you'll see replies, right?):

I didn't got any replies other then this and the one from 
Ronnie Sahlberg. It seems, now I'm correctly subscribed.
> > Is it only the ICMP packets or other packets as well that 
> you don't see?
> > 
> > Make sure you that you can capture both directions of the 
> > conversation, as it could be a capture interface problem.
> I.e., one possibility is that whatever hardware and software 
> you're using to capture the traffic is seeing only one side 
> of the traffic. 
> Are you seeing any other non-broadcast, non-multicast traffic 
> sent to the controller?

I'm sure all traffic in network was captured, just tested it with
a ping request and got both answers and replies. Also with pings 
from second to third.

> If you are, another possibility is that the echo request, for 
> some reason, wasn't captured by whatever was capturing the 
> traffic you saw - for example, it might have been dropped 
> because too much traffic was arriving for whatever software 
> was capturing it to store it.

How much traffic should a regular PC (2 GHz, 1024 MB Ram, 
10 Mbit Network Adapter) able to handle?

> Another possibility, as Ronnie Sahlberg noted, is that 
> there's a bug in the protocol stack; there is no TCP packet 
> that would request an echo reply - there's no packet other 
> than an ICMP echo request that is supposed to cause an echo 
> reply to be sent.

That's was I worried about. 

Best Regards
Michael Steinecke