Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Repeated crashes after update to GTK 2.12.0
From: "Peter Johansson" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 15:16:55 +0200
2007/10/1, Graham Bloice <[email protected]>:
Peter Johansson wrote:
> After having updated the GTK version to 2.12.0 (using nmake -f
> makefile.nmake setup) I run into crashes when running Wireshark. I
> have rebuilt all the sources and the problem remains.
> Unfortunately Wireshark does not crash every time, just sometimes. I
> have two scenarios:
> 1. Crashes occurr once Wireshark has been started and I press the
> "show capture options" button (but not every time).
> 2. Crashes occurr when capturing data and "Network name resolution" is
> enabled (but not every time, and not for all frames).
> The two scenarios seem unrelated and at least scenario 2 *should* not
> be a result from the update to GTK 2.12.0.
> I have no other information regarding scenario 1.
> For scenario 2 however, it seems that host_name_lookup_process is
> passing *ans->rrs.str to add_ipv4_name when the correct information is
> actually stored in ans->rrs.bytes (note that this one should not be
> preceeded by "*").
> When changing the call to add_ipv4_name to use ans->rrs.bytes as input
> instead of *ans->rrs.str, name resloution seems to work. But I cannot
> understand why it has worked before as I cannot find a change in the
> SVN repository that has changed this anytime recently (at least not
> since the renaming from Ethereal).
> Should add_ipv4_name be called with ans->rrs.bytes instead of
> *ans->rrs.str? The (missing) documentation for adns is a bit unclear
> on on when to use what from the ans->rrs union :-(
> Has the adns version been bumped recently?
> Has anyone else seen anything like this?
What compiler version?

If you're on Windows, and using a version of MSVC later than 6.0, have
you recompiled the adns library?  setup removes the old one.

Graham Bloice
I am using VC2005 (not the express edition).
No, I have not compiled the adns library myself, should I have to do that? I thought it was precompiled. The adns_dll.dll version I run Wireshark against (a copy of adns_dll.dll resides in \Wireshark\wireshark-gtk2 for instance, copied from \wireshark-win32-libs\adns- 1.0-win32-05\adns_win32\lib) is ver from Oct 13, 2005 (this is adns-1.0-win32-05 if I understand things correctly).
Regards, Peter