Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] Repeated crashes after update to GTK 2.12.0
From: "Peter Johansson" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 13:07:43 +0200
After having updated the GTK version to 2.12.0 (using nmake -f makefile.nmake setup) I run into crashes when running Wireshark. I have rebuilt all the sources and the problem remains.
Unfortunately Wireshark does not crash every time, just sometimes. I have two scenarios:
1. Crashes occurr once Wireshark has been started and I press the "show capture options" button (but not every time).
2. Crashes occurr when capturing data and "Network name resolution" is enabled (but not every time, and not for all frames).
The two scenarios seem unrelated and at least scenario 2 *should* not be a result from the update to GTK 2.12.0.
I have no other information regarding scenario 1.
For scenario 2 however, it seems that host_name_lookup_process is passing *ans->rrs.str to add_ipv4_name when the correct information is actually stored in ans->rrs.bytes (note that this one should not be preceeded by "*").
When changing the call to add_ipv4_name to use ans->rrs.bytes as input instead of *ans->rrs.str, name resloution seems to work. But I cannot understand why it has worked before as I cannot find a change in the SVN repository that has changed this anytime recently (at least not since the renaming from Ethereal).
Should add_ipv4_name be called with ans->rrs.bytes instead of *ans->rrs.str? The (missing) documentation for adns is a bit unclear on on when to use what from the ans->rrs union :-(
Has the adns version been bumped recently?
Has anyone else seen anything like this?
/ Peter