Ethereal-dev: [Ethereal-dev] Windows 2k Open File dialog: how to navigate to another host?

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From: Jeff Morriss <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 17:30:18 -0400
Hi folks,

Using 0.10.5 on Windows 2k with Gtk2, I have this problem:

How can I navigate (in the Open File dialog) to another computer? E.g., I want to open \\somehost\somedir\somefile.pcap but I can't find a way to get there...
The only place to type something is in the filter dialog--which won't 
change my directory.
If I navigate to "Home" I see an entry for "NetHood" and if I go there I 
see a list of my "Netork Places" but if I go to any of those network 
places I get nothing (just something called "target.lnk").
I suppose this is a GTK2 bug but is there something that Ethereal can do 
about it?
The workaround I've found for this problem is to use Explorer to find 
the file I want and drag-n-drop it onto Ethereal.