7. Typographic Conventions

The following table shows the typographic conventions that are used in this guide.

Table 1. Typographic Conventions



File names, folder names, and extensions



Commands, flags, and environment variables

CMake’s -G option.

Bold Monospace

Commands that should be run by the user

Run cmake -G Ninja ...


Dialog and window buttons

Press Launch to go to the Moon.


Keyboard shortcut

Press Ctrl+Down to move to the next packet.


Menu item

Select GoNext Packet to move to the next packet.

7.1. Admonitions

Important and notable items are marked as follows:

[Warning]This is a warning

You should pay attention to a warning, otherwise data loss might occur.

[Caution]This is a caution

Act carefully (i.e., exercise care).

[Important]This is important information

RTFM - Read The Fine Manual

[Tip]This is a tip

Tips are helpful for your everyday work using Wireshark.

[Note]This is a note

A note will point you to common mistakes and things that might not be obvious.

7.2. Shell Prompt and Source Code Examples

Bourne shell, normal user. 

$ # This is a comment
$ git config --global log.abbrevcommit true

Bourne shell, root user. 

# # This is a comment
# ninja install

Command Prompt (cmd.exe). 

>rem This is a comment
>cd C:\Development


PS$># This is a comment
PS$> choco list -l

C Source Code. 

#include "config.h"

/* This method dissects foos */
static int
dissect_foo_message(tvbuff_t *tvb, packet_info *pinfo _U_, proto_tree *tree _U_, void *data _U_)
    /* TODO: implement your dissecting code */
    return tvb_captured_length(tvb);