11.19. Tektronix K12xx/15 RF5 protocols Table

The Tektronix K12xx/15 rf5 file format uses helper files (*.stk) to identify the various protocols that are used by a certain interface. Wireshark doesn’t read these stk files, it uses a table that helps it identify which lowest layer protocol to use.

Stk file to protocol matching is handled by a user table, as described in Section 11.7, “User Accessible Tables”, with the following fields:

Match string
A partial match for an stk filename, the first match wins, so if you have a specific case and a general one the specific one must appear first in the list.
This is the name of the encapsulating protocol (the lowest layer in the packet data) it can be either just the name of the protocol (e.g., mtp2, eth_withoutfcs, sscf-nni ) or the name of the encapsulation protocol and the “application” protocol over it separated by a colon (e.g., sscop:sscf-nni, sscop:alcap, sscop:nbap, …​)