2.5. Installing Wireshark under macOS

The official macOS packages can be downloaded from the Wireshark main page or the download page. They are signed by Wireshark Foundation. Packages are distributed as disk images (.dmg) containing the application bundle. Package names contain the platform and version. To install Wireshark simply open the disk image and drag Wireshark to your /Applications folder. macOS packages automatically update. See Section 2.8, “Updating Wireshark” for details.

In order to capture packets, you must install the “ChmodBPF” launch daemon. You can do so by opening the Install ChmodBPF.pkg file in the Wireshark .dmg or from Wireshark itself by opening WiresharkAbout Wireshark selecting the “Folders” tab, and double-clicking “macOS Extras”.

The installer package includes Wireshark along with ChmodBPF and system path packages. See the included Read me first.html file for more details.