D.5. capinfos: Print information about capture files

capinfos can print information about capture files including the file type, number of packets, date and time information, and file hashes. Information can be printed in human and machine readable formats. For more information on capinfos consult your local manual page (man capinfos) or the online version.

Help information available from capinfos

Capinfos (Wireshark) 4.3.0 (v4.3.0rc0-87-g9c90105c365a)
Print various information (infos) about capture files.
See https://www.wireshark.org for more information.

Usage: capinfos [options] <infile> ...

General infos:
  -t display the capture file type
  -E display the capture file encapsulation
  -I display the capture file interface information
  -F display additional capture file information
  -H display the SHA256 and SHA1 hashes of the file
  -k display the capture comment
  -p display individual packet comments

Size infos:
  -c display the number of packets
  -s display the size of the file (in bytes)
  -d display the total length of all packets (in bytes)
  -l display the packet size limit (snapshot length)

Time infos:
  -u display the capture duration (in seconds)
  -a display the capture start time
  -e display the capture end time
  -o display the capture file chronological status (True/False)
  -S display start and end times as seconds

Statistic infos:
  -y display average data rate (in bytes/sec)
  -i display average data rate (in bits/sec)
  -z display average packet size (in bytes)
  -x display average packet rate (in packets/sec)

Metadata infos:
  -n display number of resolved IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  -D display number of decryption secrets

Output format:
  -L generate long report (default)
  -T generate table report
  -M display machine-readable values in long reports

Table report options:
  -R generate header record (default)
  -r do not generate header record

  -B separate infos with TAB character (default)
  -m separate infos with comma (,) character
  -b separate infos with SPACE character

  -N do not quote infos (default)
  -q quote infos with single quotes (')
  -Q quote infos with double quotes (")

  -h, --help               display this help and exit
  -v, --version            display version info and exit
  -C cancel processing if file open fails (default is to continue)
  -A generate all infos (default)
  -K disable displaying the capture comment
  -P disable displaying individual packet comments

Options are processed from left to right order with later options superseding
or adding to earlier options.

If no options are given the default is to display all infos in long report
output format.