Table of Contents

1. Foreword
2. Who should read this document?
3. Acknowledgements
4. About this document
5. Where to get the latest copy of this document?
6. Providing feedback about this document
7. Typographic Conventions
7.1. Admonitions
7.2. Shell Prompt and Source Code Examples

1. Foreword

This book tries to give you a guide to start your own experiments into the wonderful world of Wireshark development.

Developers who are new to Wireshark often have a hard time getting their development environment up and running. This is especially true for Windows developers, as a lot of the tools and methods used when building Wireshark are much more common in the UNIX world than on Windows.

The first part of this book will describe how to set up the environment needed to develop Wireshark.

The second part of this book will describe how to change the Wireshark source code.

We hope that you find this book useful, and look forward to your comments.