Wireshark  4.3.0
The Wireshark network protocol analyzer
Todo List
Member byte_array_dup (const GByteArray *ba)
- Should this be in strutil.c?
Member byte_array_equal (GByteArray *ba1, GByteArray *ba2)
- Should this be in strutil.c?
Member cf_goto_framenum (capture_file *cf)
this is ugly and should be improved!
Member cf_merge_files_to_tempfile (gpointer pd_window, const char *temp_dir, char **out_filenamep, int in_file_count, const char *const *in_filenames, int file_type, gboolean do_append)
is this the right place for this function? It doesn't have to do a lot with capture_file.
Member cf_set_rfcode (capture_file *cf, dfilter_t *rfcode)
this shouldn't be required, remove it somehow
Member epan_column_info::writable
Are we still writing to the columns?
where's the best place for these?
Member packet_char_enc
XXX - some of this stuff is used only while a packet is being dissected; should we keep that stuff in the "packet_info" structure, instead, to save memory?
Member proto_check_for_protocol_or_field (const proto_tree *tree, const int id)
add explanation of id parameter
Member proto_item_fill_label (field_info *finfo, gchar *label_str)
think about changing the parameter profile
Member proto_item_set_end (proto_item *pi, tvbuff_t *tvb, gint end)
make usage clearer, I don't understand it!
File tap-iax2-analysis.h
what's this?
File tap-rtp-analysis.h
what's this?
Member uat_set_default_values (uat_t *uat_in, const char *default_values[])
Use this to provide default values for empty tables.