Wireshark  4.3.0
The Wireshark network protocol analyzer
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field_info Struct Reference

#include <proto.h>

Public Attributes

gint start
gint length
gint appendix_start
gint appendix_length
gint tree_type
guint32 flags
int total_layer_num
int proto_layer_num

Detailed Description

Contains the field information for the proto_item.

Member Data Documentation

◆ appendix_length

gint field_info::appendix_length

length of appendix data

◆ appendix_start

gint field_info::appendix_start

start of appendix data

◆ ds_tvb

tvbuff_t* field_info::ds_tvb

data source tvbuff

◆ flags

guint32 field_info::flags

bitfield like FI_GENERATED, ...

◆ hfinfo

header_field_info* field_info::hfinfo

pointer to registered field information

◆ length

gint field_info::length

current data length of item in field_info.ds_tvb

◆ proto_layer_num

int field_info::proto_layer_num

Protocol layer number, so 1st, 2nd, 3rd, ... for protocol X.

◆ rep

item_label_t* field_info::rep

string for GUI tree

◆ start

gint field_info::start

current start of data in field_info.ds_tvb

◆ total_layer_num

int field_info::total_layer_num

Hierarchical layer number, for all protocols in the tree.

◆ tree_type

gint field_info::tree_type

one of ETT_ or -1

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