Wireshark  4.3.0
The Wireshark network protocol analyzer
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_header_field_info Struct Reference

#include <proto.h>

Public Attributes

const char * name
const char * abbrev
enum ftenum type
int display
const void * strings
guint64 bitmask
const char * blurb
int id
int parent
hf_ref_type ref_type
int same_name_prev_id

Detailed Description

information describing a header field

Member Data Documentation

◆ abbrev

const char* _header_field_info::abbrev

[FIELDFILTERNAME] filter name of this field

◆ bitmask

guint64 _header_field_info::bitmask

[BITMASK] bitmask of interesting bits

◆ blurb

const char* _header_field_info::blurb

[FIELDDESCR] Brief description of field

◆ display

int _header_field_info::display

[FIELDDISPLAY] one of BASE_, or field bit-width if FT_BOOLEAN and non-zero bitmask

◆ id

int _header_field_info::id

Field ID

◆ name

const char* _header_field_info::name

[FIELDNAME] full name of this field

◆ parent

int _header_field_info::parent

parent protocol tree

◆ ref_type

hf_ref_type _header_field_info::ref_type

is this field referenced by a filter

◆ same_name_next

header_field_info* _header_field_info::same_name_next

Link to next hfinfo with same abbrev

◆ same_name_prev_id

int _header_field_info::same_name_prev_id

ID of previous hfinfo with same abbrev

◆ strings

const void* _header_field_info::strings

[FIELDCONVERT] value_string, val64_string, range_string or true_false_string, typically converted by VALS(), RVALS() or TFS(). If this is an FT_PROTOCOL or BASE_PROTOCOL_INFO then it points to the associated protocol_t structure

◆ type

enum ftenum _header_field_info::type

[FIELDTYPE] field type, one of FT_ (from ftypes.h)

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