Wireshark 1.10.0rc2 Released

May 22, 2013

Wireshark 1.10.0rc2 has been released. Installers for Windows, OS X, and source code are now available. This is the first release candidate for Wireshark 1.10.0.

New and Updated Features

The following features are new (or have been significantly updated) since version 1.8:

  • Wireshark on 32- and 64-bit Windows supports automatic updates.
  • The packet bytes view is faster.
  • You can now display a list of resolved host names in "hosts" format within Wireshark.
  • The wireless toolbar has been updated.
  • Wireshark on Linux does a better job of detecting interface addition and removal.
  • It is now possible to compare two fields in a display filter (for example: udp.srcport != udp.dstport). The two fields must be of the same type for this to work.
  • The Windows installers ship with WinPcap 4.1.3, which supports Windows 8.
  • USB type and product name support has been improved.
  • All Bluetooth profiles and protocols are now supported.
  • Wireshark now calculates HTTP response times and presents the result in a new field in the HTTP response. Links from the request’s frame to the response’s frame and vice-versa are also added.
  • The main welcome screen and status bar now display file sizes using strict SI prefixes instead of old-style binary prefixes.
  • Capinfos now prints human-readable statistics with SI suffixes by default.
  • It is now possible to open a referenced packet (such as the matched request or response packet) in a new window.
  • Tshark can now display only the hex/ascii packet data without requiring that the packet summary and/or packet details are also displayed. If you want the old behavior, use -Px instead of just -x.
  • Wireshark can be compiled using GTK+ 3.
  • The Wireshark application icon, capture toolbar icons, and other icons have been updated.
  • Tshark’s filtering and multi-pass analysis have been reworked for consistency and in order to support dependent frame calculations during reassembly. See the man page descriptions for -2, -R, and -Y.
  • Tshark’s -G fields2 and -G fields3 options have been eliminated. The -G fields option now includes the 2 extra fields that -G fields3 previously provided, and the blurb information has been relegated to the last column since in many cases it is blank anyway.
  • Wireshark dropped the left-handed settings from the preferences. This is still configurable via the GTK settings (add "gtk-scrolled-window-placement = top-right" in the config file, which might be called /.gtkrc-2.0 or /.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini).
  • Wireshark now ships with two global configuration files: Bluetooth, which contains coloring rules for Bluetooth and Classic, which contains the old-style coloring rules.

Official releases are available right now from the download page.