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Have you looked at VLC?


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Hello to all!

First a little introduction of myself. I am working the past ten years in
the network and application performance troubleshooting and using various
tools for my work. i have some knowledge in TCP and use Wireshark for
analysis since some years.

Now i am analyzing a video stream that a have recorded with an shark
appliance. Analyzing parts of this stream where i found some anomalies with
the pilot console with the Wireshark show me the packets decoded as ISO/IEC
13818-1 and when i have packet loss i get a indication in the Wireshark
expert. When i save the payload as avi file and run it with windows media
player i see clearly if the packet loss affects the video quality. 

But i have there a other anomaly seen. the stream is variable bit-rate with
around 11 Mbit/s. normally there are little variations around 10 to  12
Mbit/s when i show the packets with IO Graph with 0,01 second granularity.
but some times it goes down to nearly zero for 10 ms. When i look at the
trace i see normally 2 to 3 packets per second running but sometimes i see
for 10 milliseconds nothing. Now i need a tool to make this behavior visible
in a video playback. When i save only the payload than i loos the timing
information and a can only detect the behavior of packet loss. So i need a
tool where i can read the pcap trace with udp/ISO/IEC -13818-1 frame and
replay it without loos of the timing information so i can see if this 10 ms
gaps affect the video quality. 

Someone know an open-source or commercial tool that can read and replay
video over ethernet frames?

thanks in advance

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