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Wireshark-users: Re: [Wireshark-users] adding time and date while using display filters.

From: "j.snelders" <j.snelders@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2010 20:04:22 +0100
Hi Oguz,

Add -e frame.time:
$ tshark -i 3 -f "(port 80)" -t dd -n -R "http.request" -T fields -e frame.time
 -e ip.src -e ip.dst -e -e http.request.uri
Capturing on Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet Driver (Microsoft's Packet
Mar  6, 2010 19:58:40.041613000
Mar  6, 2010 19:58:40.175683000

Best regards

On Sat, 6 Mar 2010 20:21:20 +0200 Oguz Yilmaz wrote:
>For the command line below, how can I add date and time information to
>the output? What is the display filter for current time and date ?
>tshark -i eth0 -f "(port 80)" -t ad -n -R "http.request" -T fields -e
>ip.src -e ip.dst -e -e http.request.uri
>Current output is:
>        /index.html
>Best Regards,