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From: Rikard Svenningsen <rikard.svenningsen@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2010 13:23:05 +0100
It depend  on what kind of "conversation" you are looking for, the suggestion you got is going to any one to and from the server.
If you are looking for conversation only to and from one point to another on tcp or udp  you will have to do it on another way.

2010/2/26 <fajfusio@xxxxx>

How can I print the list of conversations contained in a file.
E.g. I want to see conversations on a specific server port.
I try something like:

tshark -z conv,tcp,"tcp.port==139" -r file.pcap

Unfortunately it just prints the contents of a file.

thank you for help

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