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Wireshark-users: [Wireshark-users] Wirshark crashes instantly on startup - post_bug.cgi.htm

Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2010 12:04:49 +1100

I finally found out how to drive the website (the URL's for the products should
be big buttons). However upon attempting to post a message from a machine
running Windows 7 RC I got the attached result.

Please also note that it recommends I send a message to
wireshark-bugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, however that is a "one-way list" so messages sent
to it bounce.

IOW not only is it broken, but it's impossible to tell you it's broken because
the reporting mechanism itself is broken. :)


Robin van Spaandonk
Title: Internal Error

Bugzilla has suffered an internal error. Please save this page and send it to wireshark-bugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx with details of what you were doing at the time this message appeared.


A legal OS/Version was not set.