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Wireshark-users: Re: [Wireshark-users] capture filter with multiple vlans

From: Guy Harris <guy@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 09:57:51 -0800
On Mar 3, 2010, at 8:24 AM, Filonenko Alexander-AAF013 wrote:

> Capture filters seem to accept first vlan tag and drop the rest.

$ man pcap-filter	# or "man tcpdump", for versions of libpcap prior to 1.0.0


       vlan [vlan_id]
              True if the packet is an IEEE 802.1Q VLAN packet.  If  [vlan_id]
              is specified, only true if the packet has the specified vlan_id.
              Note that the  first  vlan  keyword  encountered  in  expression
              changes  the decoding offsets for the remainder of expression on
              the assumption that the packet  is  a  VLAN  packet.   The  vlan
              [vlan_id]  expression  may  be used more than once, to filter on
              VLAN hierarchies.  Each use of that  expression  increments  the
              filter offsets by 4.

              For example:
                   vlan 100 && vlan 200
              filters on VLAN 200 encapsulated within VLAN 100, and
                   vlan && vlan 300 && ip
              filters  IPv4  protocols  encapsulated  in VLAN 300 encapsulated
              within any higher order VLAN.

> Are there any tricks to handle more than one vlan?

Unfortunately, none that I know of.