Wireshark-users: [Wireshark-users] capture filter with multiple vlans

From: Filonenko Alexander-AAF013 <Alex.Filonenko@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 11:24:52 -0500
Capture filters seem to accept first vlan tag and drop the rest. Are there any tricks to handle more than one vlan?
"vlan 102 or vlan 103 or vlan 147 or vlan 122" 
same as "vlan 102"
"not vlan 102 and not vlan 144"                    
same as "not vlan 102"
"not (vlan 102 or vlan 101)"                          
same as "not vlan 102"
"not ((vlan 102) or (vlan 101))"                          
same as "not vlan 102"
Thank you,
Alex Filonenko