Wireshark-users: [Wireshark-users] Using Lua Field Extractors
Hi all,

I am using a Lua to obtain data from an SCTP stream. In this scenario, a single SCTP packet can contain the same field type multiple times. Although Wireshark displays this correctly, I don't know how to access these fields via Lua.

Example packet figure:
...[SCTP [M3UA [ ISUP ] ] [ M3UA [ ISUP 2 ] ] ]...

A field extractor only gets the info from the first M3UA/ISUP part. Even if the listener is set to M3UA or ISUP packets (local tap = Listener.new( "isup" )).

Is there a way to extract a list of all fields (from the same type) via Lua?

Best Regards

P.S.: This is maybe is Wireshark+Lua newbie question.