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From: "Bob Brusa" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 14:52:10 +0200
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I am debugging the DHCP implementation of an embedded board. It should
receive its address from a ZyXEL P-661HW-D3 ADSL router. Using wireshark,
I can see that my board starts the DHCP-process, but I can not see any
answer of the ZyXEL to my boards requests. The funny thing however is,
that the debugging output of my board reports receipt of such an answer -
only to drop it because it claims a checksum error. This explains why the
DHCP process is not successful, but it does not explain why I do not see
this packet on wireshark. I have used filters of various kind - including
inspection by eye, packet for packet. This packet the board reports is not
in the list of captured packet of wireshark.

The topology of my LAN is as follows:

Zyxel___Planet switch___Planet switch ____ myboard
         FSD 1600        FSD 800      |____PC #1 running wireshark
                                      |____JTAG debugger
                                      |____PC #2

Does the switch play a dirty trick? Unlikely, because I see the packets
 from my board and all those other packets going to/from the PC and JTAG
debugger. And the DHCP-process for the two PCs was successful. Thanks for

Am 22.09.2009, 18:54 Uhr, schrieb <[email protected]>:

If I'm not mistaken the reply from the DHCP server will go back to the requesters mac address and not a broadcast address, a switch will only forward traffic to all ports if it is a broadcast, if box A talks to box B directly, box C will never see a thing which is that I think you are seeing. I think you need to find yourself a nice dumb hub or to port spanning / mirroring on the switch.
Hope that helps

Hi Tim
Thanks for the input. It is as you say. I installed an old hub instead of the switch and now I can see the DHCPoffer. This makes it clear: The checksum is the problem - most probably inside the tcpip-stack I am using: lwip with ecos.