Wireshark-users: Re: [Wireshark-users] capturing msn web cam traffic with wireshark.
From: "Wonkyun*^^* Lee" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 10:05:33 +0900
can you guys give me your hand? b/c i don't have any other one who can help me about these things.
i am currently a senior in an university, and trying to write a graduation 
thesis about msn video conversation and its codec , frame rate, ...
and analyze the changes while i limit the bandwidth of connection..

a file i attach here is a capture file using msn video conversation.
i decoded it with RTP, in that way, i can find some frames with the payload type unknown(72), i think these frames are the video frames, and can calculate frame rates of video by counting these frames,
is that right?

Also, i cannot find any sip protocol, but from the site you told me(http://www.hypothetic.org/docs/msn/client/invitation_types.php), it uses sip protocol with video conversation. i don't know where i can find this protocol to see negotiation of connection; like QCIF, CIF, bit rates, etc.
Could you plz help me with this stuff, all i need is just little help to 
analyze frames.
and whether i can do anaylize video packets or not.


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