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Wireshark-users: Re: [Wireshark-users] Decoding ISUP messages over M3UA

From: "Luis Ontanon" <luis.ontanon@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2007 23:06:10 +0200
On 4/19/07, Alminana, Emilio (SNL US) <emilio.alminana@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear fellow wireShark users,

I am using wireShark to decode ISUP (ISDN User Part) messages (ANSI version)
and there are a number of parameters (e.g. in the IAM - Initial Address
Message) that wireShark does not recognize. Does anyone know whether there
are any plans to enhance the existing dissector to support the ANSI ISUP
protocol ?

Should this e-mail be sent to a different mailing list within wireShark ?

I am attaching to this e-mail an example of an ISUP interLATA call where a
number of parameters are not recognized (there are shown as "Parameter Type
unknown/reserved"). Some of the parameters not being recognized are : JIP
(Jurisdiction parameter), TNS (Transit Network Selction), CID (Carrier
Identification), CSP (Carrier Selection Parameter), etc. All of these
parameters are defined for the North American version of ISUP (ANSI ISUP).

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Emilio Alminana

The fact that you have to pay to get  the standards doesn't help, BTW
you have to pay even for the catalog.

It used to be the same for ITU-T standards (although the catalog and
some standards (e.g. ASN.1) were free), now you can download them (in
pdf format) for free (ironically they charge for the same standards in
MS word format).

AFAIK IETF RFCs as well as ETSI and 3GPP standards have never been
charged for, while IEEE (still) charges for some standards while not
for others.

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