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Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 13:35:12 +0100

If you want to capture frames on a GSM network, you should have a look to
the GSM wiki, and to the CaptureSetup/SS7 wiki.


I think the easiest way is to connect a monitoring equipment for E1 (or
board) on the A interface. So you will have all the messages exchanged
between the MS and the Network.
If you are using a board for the capture on the Wireshark PC, you can have
a realtime monitoring.
If you are using a Telco monitoring equippment, you will probably have to
save the capture in a file, and to do the analysis later on our wireshark

The GSM dissectors in wireshark are compliant to the 3GPP, so should be
compliant will all the vendors.


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Hello list members,

I noticed the GSM features in Wireshark, but I'm a bit confused about using
WireShark to sniffer traffic in our GSM network, how can I connect to the

1- Plug the wiresharked PC into the related interface (A=fiber, Abis=E1's,
...) How to realise it?
2-Attach an Fiber & E1 cards to the pc (does it exists?)
3-Use OMC service ports (only O&M data)
4- ...

Mainly I need a way to extract some user related parameters from those
interfaces, such as IMSI, IMEI, NMR and TA for positioning. Is it
applicable  as real time or I must dump a file and  do analysis later by

Does Wireshark GSM analysis compatible with all vendors, especially

Thanks in advance ...


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