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Wireshark-users: Re: [Wireshark-users] Connection dropping on en0 on OS X.

From: Alan Prather <aprather@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2007 17:17:17 -0500
Actually, this is strange,

it ONLY seems to be my wireless connection when monitoring it on en1. My ethernet card works just fine. Go figure.

So, I guess the 'bug' here is that wireless drops on OS X as soon as I capture, but I can reconnect it.

Still, I'd love to know how to prevent the wireless from dropping. I thought in might have to do with permissions on my bpf devices in / dev/bpf. As it turns out, as long as the user wireshark runs under has read access, your golden.


On Feb 7, 2007, at 4:06 PM, Guy Harris wrote:

On Feb 6, 2007, at 12:58 PM, Alan Prather wrote:

On OS X Tiger, when I run wireshark as soon as I start capturing
packets it knocks out my connection.

As mentioned in the article, I can re-connect my wireless connection
and get the capture going again.

Your wireless connection is on en0?

Or your *wired* Ethernet connection on en0 drops?

(Note that, in OS X, not all adapters with names beginning with "en"
are necessarily Ethernet adapters - 802.11 adapters, in particular,
also have names beginning with "en".)

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