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Steffen Röttig wrote:
do you know something about writing a virtual network card?
regards, steff

Well, not really.

Basically you'll need a kernel mode device driver that will fake the
system to be a network card.

On Windows you'll probably need the Windows NT-DDK (device driver kit)
which isn't freely available.
You do need the DDK, and it's actually freely downloadable from the 
Microsoft website. The latest one (Win2003SP1) is available as part of the 

You can find a sample of a virtual NDIS miniport driver (i.e. a virtual network card driver) in the samples, it's called netvmini.
I've never done this myself (except for a DOS device driver for my own
diploma several years ago) so I won't be much help here.

In general, writing a kernel mode device driver isn't usually an easy task.
I can confirm this. Or better, let's say that it's definitely not as 
developing a user mode application...
If you plan to go in this direction, I can give you some pointers for more 
Have a nice day

Regards, ULFL
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