Wireshark-users: Re: [Wireshark-users] API and virtual network interface
From: Joerg Mayer <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 11:34:34 +0200
On Thu, Sep 14, 2006 at 07:03:01AM +0200, Steffen Röttig wrote:
> >> 2. have anyone practical knowledge to create a network interface? i have
> >> to write an interface that receive packages from a external programm.
> >> this interface must recognize from winpcap as a device. is this possible?
> >>   
> >>     
> > That won't be easy I would guess. You could patch libpcap/WinPcap or 
> > write a virtual network card driver that provides something like that to 
> > the operating system.

Well, on Linux there is the tun/tap interface mechanism to do what you
want. IIRC, that mechanism has been ported to Win32 for the OpenVPN
project, but I may be wrong here.

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