Wireshark-users: [Wireshark-users] ANNOUNCE: WinPcap 4.0 beta1 has been released

From: "Gianluca Varenni" <gianluca.varenni@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 17:05:07 -0700
WinPcap 4.0 beta1 is available as of today in the download section of the WinPcap website, http://www.winpcap.org/install/.

This release addresses some bugs in WinPcap 4.0 alpha1 reported by our
users (problems sending OID requests to the WinPcap driver, and empty packets while capturing from dialup/VPN adapters). This build also includes support for wireless capture through the CACE Technologies AirPcap adapter, and a major rewriting of the transmit capabilities exposed by pcap_send() and pcap_inject(). Moreover, a deeper testing of the library on Vista Beta2 has been performed.

Being a beta release, as usual we encourage people to test it and report any anomaly or strange behavior to the WinPcap mailing lists. The complete change log is attached at the end of this message.

Gianluca Varenni
WinPcap Team


- Added support for AirPcap adapters.

- Rewritten the transmit code in the driver (NPF_Write()), in order to
 improve its solidity:
+ the IRP is not marked as pending + we use a different algorithm to stop transmitting when the packets are all pending + added a new NdisEvent for the management of the transmit operations. + added a counter used upon transmission with NPF_Write() to keep track of the number of pending packets.

- Added a global version header file that is used for all the modules of WinPcap. - Updated the license in the installer and on the web to account for the third party source files used by WinPcap and libpcap. - Updated the documentation that explains how to write an application based on wpcap.dll. - Removed some useless files in the source tree (these files that are automatically generated by the build process or no longer in use). - Removed some useless files from the developer's pack. - Bug fixing:
 + Fixed a bug by which the caplen field of a WAN packet was set to a
   random number (usually 0 for the first packets of a capture). This
was causing WinPcap not to work at all on dialup/VPN adapters. + Fixed a bug in the BIOCSETOID/BIOCREQUESTOID code: in one error management path we were not releasing the NDIS binding context with NPF_StopUsingBinding(). + Fixed a bug in some samples (when compiled under VS2005): localtime() accepts a time_t variable, which happens to be a 32bit value with VS6/VS2003, and a 64bit value when compiled under VS2005. + Fixed a bug in some samples: added a const qualifier for the packet data returned by pcap_next_ex(). + Fixed a couple of bugs in the remote capture code that were causing wpcap.dll to fail when a read timeout occurred, and a failure to use the remote capture deamon (rpcapd) when compiled on a big-endian machine. + Added the usual #ifndef/#define and #ifdef _cplusplus stuff to win32_extensions.h + Minor fixes to the samples. + Minor fixes to avoid some compilation warnings under Cygwin. + Minor layout fixes to the documentation.