Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] GitLab migration update
From: Gerald Combs <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 2020 16:46:30 -0700
Back in October I proposed migrating Gerrit, Bugzilla, Buildbot, and Moin to GitLab:


I think we're ready to work on the migration in earnest. As stated in the email this will give us a more modern, standardized, and tightly integrated development environment. I don't have a solid schedule in place yet (see below), but hope to start migrating each service in the next few weeks.

A migration wiki is up and running at https://gitlab.com/wireshark/gitlab-migration/-/wikis/home which covers and expands on the issues discussed in the -dev mailing list thread. The "Code Review Comparison" section at https://gitlab.com/wireshark/gitlab-migration/-/wikis/Code-Review-(Gerrit) is probably of most interest to developers, since it details the various workflow differences between Gerrit and GitLab.

We also have a self-hosted test server up and running at https://gitlab-test.wireshark.org. Feel free to create an account, create merge requests, etc. If you'd like to try out a feature that requires a configuration change, let me know.

In the near term we need to decide whether or not we want to self-host or use gitlab.com. An overview of the differences between the two options can be found at https://gitlab.com/wireshark/gitlab-migration/-/wikis/SaaS-or-Self-Managed%3F. Once that has been decided we'll have a better idea of our migration requirements and what our timeline will be.